The Peter Marcus Foundation exists to support communities and individuals to reach their full potential.


Opening up cultural opportunities and experiences to everyone.

Young People

Giving young people every chance to succeed and become active citizens.


Encouraging education in the broadest sense for the benefit of self and society.


Giving people the chance to experience the outdoors and gain Skills for Life.

At The Peter Marcus Foundation we believe that access to high quality cultural experiences is a fundamental right of all people.

At The Peter Marcus Foundation we belive in the power of young people to act as agents of change in their communities and in their world.

At The Peter Marcus Foundation we belive that good education, freely available to everyone, is essential if we hold hope of creating a better world for future generations.

At The Peter Marcus Foundation we belive that the Scouting movement is one of the best examples of young people being given the opportunity and support to acheive great things.

© Peter Marcus / The Peter Marcus Foundation
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